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What should be paid attention to when using the home hair removal device

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In such an era of rapid information transmission, if you mention the methods of hair removal is still the traditional method, such as shaving or hair removal cream. Then you may need to consider replacing your 2G network. Modern people's hair removal methods are either going to the beauty salon to enjoy the hair removal services from others, or buying a home hair removal device and do hair removal by themselves. After all, the two methods are currently more scientific methods of hair removal. When you enter the beauty salon, there will be someone to remind you and even help you get the things you need to pay attention to. But when you want to use the home hair removal device at home, are you facing a dense manual that you just can’t start?

Now please follow me to understand some things you need to pay attention to when using the hair removal instrument.



1.This instrument is not suitable for people with imperfect limbs, sensory nerve deficiency or mental disorders. If you must use it, please use it under safe supervision. -When using this product, energy needs to be adjusted by body sense, so it is not suitable for people with impaired perception and mental impairment

2.Please keep away from children when using it. The strong light from this instrument will produce strong eye irritation. Serious eyesight can cause blindness.

3.Please do not use it for minors under 15 years old. The hair follicles of minors have not been formed yet. Hair removal operation will cause adverse effects.

4.Do. not use the instrument if it is damaged. Please check whether the accessories are complete before use. Do not use non-original accessories to avoid damage to the instrument.

5.The power adapter contains a transformer, please do not open it by yourself. If the power adapter is damaged, be sure to replace the original adapter.

6.If the filter at the light exit of the instrument is damaged, please do not use it and contact the seller or the manufacturer. –Damage to the filter may cause harmful light to irradiate the skin.

7.Place the device in a dry and clean environment. The instrument is afraid of moisture and dust. - electronic products will be affected in humid environment, and the dust will affect the lighting energy.

8.The skin becomes fragile after hair removal, and the sun resistance should be avoided as much as possible cause the resistance to ultraviolet light is reduced.

9.After the hair removal is completed, the skin will become red or white, which is a normal phenomenon after using. Symptoms usually disappear in 2-3 days.

Use Taboo:

10.Neither the body nor the adapter of this product is waterproof. It is forbidden to use it in a humid environment, such as a bathroom, where there is water.

11.Pregnant women, natural breastfeeding, sexual menstrual period, surface scars, diabetes, people with fragile skin and light sensitive skin.

12.It is forbidden to use in severe diseases, moderate to severe pressure, malignant tumors, folliculitis, infectious skin diseases, skin burns and anticoagulant diseases.

13.Do not use if you have abnormal collagen metabolism, including history of scars and history of poor wound healing.

14.If you suffer from tube disease, such as varicose veins and tube dilatation in the irradiation site, please do not use it.

15.Do not use if the skin is sensitive to light and prone to rashes or allergies.

16.If the irradiation site is infected, do not use herpes simplex, skin lesions, swelling, etc.

17.It cannot be used at the same time as essential oil products. Make sure that the skin in the lighted area is clean, dry and that no creams, lubricants or other cosmetics are used. If the skin surface is not clean and not dry, it may affect the experience of using the product, and may even damage the product.

18.The use of this product is not allowed during the administration of aspirin drugs, immunosuppressive agents, and isotretinoin. Those who have recently used light-sensitive drugs (such as tetracycline, sulfonamide, etc.) are not recommended for use.

19.It is strictly forbidden to apply this product to any type of unhealed wound. Not recommended for patients with hirsutism and other hair syndromes caused by hair.

20.If you take pain medicine, it will reduce the skin's sensitivity to heat. It is recommended to use it with caution before releasing the effect.

The above items are from the manual of Noble Hair Removal Device.

The known hair removal devices on the market need to pay attention to the same points, I hope you have a comprehensive understanding of what you need to pay attention to when using the hair removal device at home.

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