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What to do if you get injured after laser hair removal

Time : 2021-01-21 Hits : 6

People in the industry know that the 808 laser hair removal device is recognized as one of the best hair removal machines, and generally large hospitals or beauty salons use this kind of equipment. However, the operation of this kind of machine requires the help of professional personnel, otherwise it is prone to accidents. For some people with sensitive skin, even if the operation of the instrument is correct, it will cause relatively large damage to the skin. Serious injuries can cause pigmentation, even blisters, and mild erythema.


So what should we do if we encounter this kind of thing?

1. If it is a very severe blisters, it is recommended to get help of a doctor, otherwise the wound will be easily infected.

2. Pigmentation, you need to suspend hair removal treatment, and usually need to avoid direct ultraviolet rays. Pay more attention to moisturizing to accelerate skin repair. It usually takes about a month to rest.

3. In case of redness and swelling, it is necessary to reduce the sun exposure. If possible, you can do more ice packs or moisturizers. Generally, rest for 3-5 days.

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