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Which brand of permanent hair removal device used in beauty salon is good

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Love beauty is woman's nature, love beauty woman is man's nature. Both men and women love clear body of themselves, but due to hormones and congenital genetic problems, there will be many unsatisfactory lives due to the strong hair. Traditional hair removal methods, such as beeswax, shaving make hair problems are getting worse. The current reasonable and effective method of hair removal is to use a hair removal device for hair removal, but the hair removal effect of large beauty salons is also different.

Then which brand of hair removal device is good for beauty salons? Let's find out with the editor.

In fact, when it comes to large-scale professional hair removal devices, we rarely mention the brands. Mostlt they are mentioned their functions. why do few people mention brands, here I wanna do some popular science, the professionalism of large-scale hair removal instrument is relatively high, companies with insufficient strength can not reproduce such products. So there is no worries about the quality of large-scale hair removal device. So I would like to introduce them via function.


1、808 laser

The 808 hair removal instrument is also called a diode laser hair removal instrument. 808 refers to the wavelength length of the light used during hair removal is 808nm. The semiconductor laser hair removal device can be treat as a medical-grade professional hair removal device, and is currently the most widely used and most effective hair removal device. Can be used on sensitive skin, lips, underarm bikinis and other parts can also effectively remove hair. It uses a highly concentrated energy laser, in which 90% of the energy can be absorbed by the hair follicles, which is converted into heat to deeply damage the hair follicles, and the hair removal effect is obvious. Brand: Changle Company Name: Beijing Changle Health Management co.,ltd Brand: Wontech China. Company Name: Beijing Super Energy Yuantai Technology Co., Ltd.


It is an intelligent, non-exfoliative skin reconstruction system integrating epidermal cooling technology, perfect pulse light technology and RF radio frequency technology. The principle of action is the same as that of ice cool hair removal. The principle of selective photopyrolysis of the patented strong pulse light source is used to absorb the light of a specific wavelength band by the melanocytes in the hair follicle to cause the hair follicle to generate heat to selectively destroy the hair follicle. At the same time, the heat emitted can be conducted to the deep part of the hair follicle through the cross section of the hair shaft to rapidly increase the temperature of the hair follicle, thereby achieving the effect of removing hair while avoiding damage to surrounding tissues. Brand : Yalandi, company name: Qingdao yalandi beauty Technology Co., Ltd. There is also a manufacturer in Guangdong named: Guangzhou Junqi Electronic Technology co.,ltd.

3、E light

E-light technology is usually used in beauty equipment. It is a kind of multi-functional beauty equipment. It can not only achieve effective hair removal, but also perform beauty projects such as whitening, freckle removal, and wrinkle removal. Cause it has many functions but not perfessional in hair removal , it is not a good choice for people who only have hair removal. If you just want to remove hair, or want to get an instrument that only removes hair in your beauty salon, this is definitely not the first choice.


The various hair removal devices mentioned above are currently the main types among large-scale instruments. General brands or manufacturers will have all these functions of hair removal instrument. So don't need to do much compare, the effectiv would be good if the price is suitble for you.

I believe that most people interested in large-scale hair removal instruments want to do hair removal service in their own stores. So how should individual users choose when they want to do removing hair. I would like to introduce you to a manufacturer of home use hair removal device, yes we are! We have been specializing in home depilation for more than 7 years. Because of the factory, the brand is not well-known, but we have always provided support for some famous brands of home hair removal device. So if you are considering to do hair removal at home, please contact us.

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