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Which kind of home use ipl hair removal device is the best hair removal device

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Having said the benefits of a home ipl hair removal device, what kind of home ipl hair removal device is the best hair removal device?

Shenzhen Noble gives you a summary of the characteristics of our best home ipl hair removal instrument.


1、 First of all, it can painless hair removal

2、 it has a long life

3、 It can Permanent use of hair removal

4、 It looks mini, portable

5、 It is simple to operate

6、 It is fully automated in hair removal

7、 It is safe

8、 Home use mini ipl hair removal instrument, small, portable, using permanent hair removal,

8、automatic flashing, long life.

9、 Hair removal and skin rejuvenation functions in 1 device ,Using skin rejuvenation function to regenerate skin collagen to resist skin aging, decompose spots and shrink capillaries.


In summary, the M3 home ipl hair removal device of Shenzhen Nobel is a good choice. Let's take a look at its true face, let us have a deeper understanding of it.

1. The whole machine is not waterproof

2. The upper and lower shells are fastened with buckles and screws to meet the requirements of customers falling in the daily use of 1M.

3. HR hair removal and SR skin rejuvenation status display function: The principle is to control the LEDs distributed on the LED light board fixed on the front shell by the program, and then project through the plastic parts with through holes to project the astigmatism film, and then Displayed through the tinted lens.

4. Digital display: using IC to control digital display tube display, cost more than M3 display mode, but the digital effect is very good

5. Induction light: Put the skin on the lamp head. When the lamp sensor board senses the skin, the sensor board converts it into a current signal and feeds it back to the mainboard.

6. There are 5 gears to choose from: depending on the skin roughness of the individual, you can choose different energy, 1 light output speed is the fastest but the energy is the smallest.


7. Can realize automatic/manual light output gear selection: automatic light exit time gap 2.5~4.2S

8. One machine is equipped with two interchangeable lamp heads to achieve two different functions of hair removal and skin rejuvenation. The hair removal head and the skin rejuvenation head are mainly different wavelengths of the filter and the light irradiation area.

9. Only use the adapter power supply, non-rechargeable: adapter can be equipped with different specifications of adapters such as US regulations, Japanese regulations, European regulations, etc., adapter output voltage 12V, 4A

10. Explanation of the material: Except for the POM with the high-temperature resistant lamp holder and the air guiding member, the other parts are molded with PC material.

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