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Why is spring the best season for hair removal at home?

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The topic and activities of home use ipl hair removal are in full swing.

Just a lot of people have this doubt:Why not take off hair in the summer, but start to remove hair in the spring?

Why do everyone say that spring is the best season for hair removal?

Let's take a look at the five reasons why spring home ipl hair removal

Reason one

Spring home ipl hair removal treatment is better,Many people are thinking about going to hair removal in the summer.

I won’t be there until summer.

Hair growth cycle.

Home use ipl hair removal can not be cleaned once.

Home use ipl hair removal generally takes 4-6 times to get rid of clean.

It takes 1-2 months.

Spring is ready in advance, summer is just beautiful!


Reason two

The number of times ipl hair removal is related to hair color.

Usually we think that the lips are thin and light.

It must be very good (big mistakes).

In fact, the opposite is true. The darker the hair, the better.

The light fluff on the lips is used the most.

The lighter the hair, the harder it is to remove, the deeper the easier.

So early home ipl hair removal is also very beneficial for lighter hair.


Reason three

Ipl hair removal efficiency is related to skin color.

Ipl hair removal is based on the melanin of the hair follicle to absorb laser energy.

Thereby destroying the hair follicle, the melanin of the skin will dissipate energy.

The darker the skin color, the more it can be dispersed, and it may also damage the skin.

Minimum melanin in the skin during winter and spring.

Skin color will be more white than summer.

So these two seasons are very suitable for ipl hair removal.

Therefore, it will also achieve better hair removal effect.


Reason four

Spring ipl hair removal recovers faster.

Ipl can't touch too much ultraviolet light in a short time after hair removal.

Excessive sweating after ipl hair removal will make the pores less likely to shrink.

Too strong sunlight can also damage the skin of hair removal.

Like the summer temperature is high and the UV is strong, it is easy to sweat.

This is not conducive to the normal recovery of the skin.

The spring UV is not strong and the temperature is suitable.

It is the most profitable season of the year.


Reason five

Spring ipl hair removal is better hidden.

Choose spring ipl hair removal to wear more clothes.

The treatment site is covered by clothes.

No need to worry about the process of hair growth being discovered.

Spring ipl hair removal is better hidden.

Fewer clothes in summer.

When not completely removed, the exposed hair.

Still very embarrassing!

Home use ipl hair removal is the most popular hair removal method.

But many sisters who don’t know will always have to worry.

Shenzhen Noble's latest home ipl hair removal instrument, inexpensive, compact, chic, portable, hair removal quickly,

this painless permanent home ipl hair removal instrument is undoubtedly a wise choice for sisters!

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