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Why the Hair is Thicker after Shaving

Time : 2020-12-23 Hits : 3

Who with vigorous hair may know that the hair will regrow soon after we use traditional methods to remove the hair. The new hair is darker and thicker than original. This situation is really embarrassing.


Lots of people wonder that why the hair become thicker after shaving. The reason is that the root of the hair is thicker than the tip, so when we cut the hair from root, the hair follicle looks thicker. On the other hand, new hair grows upwards rather than diagonally, which can also give people a feeling of thickening of body hair.

Traditional hair removal methods cause following problems:

It’s too painful to pluck: The process of plucking is pain, but do you know the hair follicles extend down to dermis centimeter deep.

Man-made removal of hair, it is easy to make the follicles and surrounding tissue infection, inflammation. The principle is easy to understand: when you pull out the radish, the soil will follow the radish, you only want to pull out the hair and without damaging the surrounding tissue, which is impossible. In addition, after removal the pores and skin are in a fragile state , which makes skin resistance decline or lead to hair follicles、sweat glands、sebaceous glands and other parts of the infection.

Hair follicles are easy to be inflamed by using depilatory cream. Under normal circumstances, there are bacteria in hair follicles. They are just like probiotics in the intestine, and they can get along with people peacefully. But when the hair follicles are destroyed or the body’s immunity is low, the bacteria in the body will increase sharply, and after depilation, the external bacteria enter from the pores, which can easily cause inflammation and swelling of the hair follicles.

It will cause lots of problem so we don’t recommend that you use traditional ways to remove unwanted hair. However, if you want to solve the problem of vigorous hair, it is not only the traditional way to solve it. Now we can choose the home use hair removal device, which is convenient and will not cause harm to our body. It is known that the home use hair removal device has been affected by many young people. Friends who have not used it please try it, there will definitely be a surprise!

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