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Why the home hair removal device don’t light out while using?

Time : 2021-01-21 Hits : 3

Recently, I have seen some voices on the Internet about various problems of the home hair removal device, and one of them is more serious. The hair removal instrument will stop emit light when using them. Here I want to analyze the reasons for this problem.


1: The power supply is loose, and the adapters of some hair removal instruments are heavy, which may cause the socket to detach from the device during use.

2: Non-original adapter, the amount of power required for different devices is not same. It can't be considered as universal because of the same interface, the adapters will fail to meet the demand so the device will not emit light.

3: The light outlet is not close enough to the skin, and general hair removal instruments will have a skin detection function at the light outlet. Only when the light outlet is contact to the skin, the hair removal instrument will be allowed to emit light. This is also to avoid misoperation and make the hair removal device emit light directly to other places, such as eyes.

4: Overuse, the temperature of the equipment is high. The device will automatically enable the self-protection mechanism, it is recommended to shut down and wait for some time before using it again.

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