Key Service:

We provide projects supporting services including parts machining and manufacturing.

We can help customers in optimizing design, selecting suitable processes, reducing costs, and achieving rapid mass production.

Service Ability:

Our management is standardized, we have certifications of ISO9001-2015 and ISO13485-2016 and will soon obtain Production Permits for Medical Devices. Have complete quality control and experimental equipment, such as CMM, YVM, calipers, various types of inspection tools, energy meters, oscilloscopes, insulation withstand voltage testers, bridge testers, multimeters, intelligent aging racks, etc.


For inspection equipment that is not available in our company, we have a long-term cooperative third-party detection institutions that can provide inspection services at any time.

In the production we have a complete IQC, IPQC, FQC/OQC inspection process, we can provide perfect quality control according to customer requirements.


We have 100,000 level dust-free workshops, which can meet your assembly requirements for high-precision products and medical products.

We has more than 10 technical engineers, and our team includes senior professionals in structure, electronics, software, engineering, etc.:

1)  Hardware Team: provide the services such as reverse engineering, structural design and optimization, circuit design, product assembly and test implementation and optimization service.

2)  Software Team: provide software design, functional program development, APP development, big data collection and analysis services, etc.


The key aspects of our professional services include: Structural Design、Circuit Design、Prototyping、Machining & Manufacturing、Product Assembly.

We have More than 10 years of professional manufacturing and rapid prototyping experience. Our efficient production provides strong support for your R&D projects. Management and strictly control the quality of parts & products,100% realize your requirements.


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