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Noble Smart Manufacturing to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day

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The last Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day is an ancient festival set by the Americans and a festival of the all-Americans gathering in the United States. Therefore, Americans always feel grateful whenever they bring Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is the most authentic and most American-style holiday in the nation’s national holidays, and it is most closely related to the history of the early United States.

In 1620, some pilgrims took the Mayflower to the United States for religious freedom. Two months after they had been buoyed by the sea, they finally landed at Plymouth, now in the ravages of cold, in the state of Massachusetts.

Over the first winter, more than half of the immigrants die of hunger and epidemics, and the surviving people begin sowing in the first spring of 1621. Throughout summer they are eagerly looking forward to the harvest, knowing that their existence and the existence of the colony will depend on the harvest coming. Finally, the harvest of crops was unexpectedly brisk and, in order to thank God for the good harvest, a three-day carnival was held. From then on, the custom continued, and gradually became popular everywhere. In 1863, U.S. President Lincoln announced the fourth Thursday of November each year as Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day celebrations will be set on this day, until now. By then, every family will reunite and celebrate the whole country. Its grand and warm situation will be as good as the Spring Festival for Chinese people.

Thanksgiving celebration has never changed for many years. Hearty feast as early as a few months ago began to prepare. One of the best and most appealing dishes on the table is apple, orange, chestnut, walnut and grapes, as well as raisin pudding, mince pies, a variety of other foods, and cranberry and fresh juices Roast turkey and pumpkin pie, which have always been the most traditional and favorite food on Thanksgiving Day.

Everyone is in favor of Thanksgiving dinner must be roasted turkey as the main course. Turkey is baked with bread as a filler to absorb the savory juices that flow out of it. However, cooking techniques often vary from one family to another, and it is hard to find out which one to apply.

Today, in the minds of Americans, Thanksgiving is a more important holiday than Christmas. First of all, it is a holiday of up to 4 days, enough to make people enjoy and celebrate. Second, it is also the traditional day of family reunification. During Thanksgiving, families scattered outside their hometown must go home for the holidays, which has become a national custom. In addition, the most important meal a year for Americans is the Thanksgiving dinner. In the United States, a fast-paced and highly competitive country, the daily diet is extremely simple. America’s fast food pop world, is a good description. But thanksgiving night, every household is big feast, the rich articles, staggering. On the festive table, up to the president, down to common people, turkey and pumpkin pie are all necessary. These two flavors of “treasures” reflect the feelings and feelings of the American people in recalling the ancestors’ pioneering difficulties and recalling the first Thanksgiving. Therefore, Thanksgiving is also known as “Turkey Festival.”

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Although Thanksgiving is a family reunion day, tens of thousands of people still spare time each year during their festivals to visit Plymouth to visit and review the history of the United States. Today, not only Americans are thankful, but Canadians see it as a regular holiday. Perhaps because, on this vast expanse of land in Canada, many descendants of British immigrants live!

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