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CNC machined parts created surgical assistant robots

CNC machined parts created surgical assistant robots(图1)

Speeding up the cultivation of high end talents of artificial intelligence:

We will focus on building a number of compound R & D teams that can integrate mathematics, computer science, new engineering, culture, history, biology, medicine, neuroscience and philosophy. Artificial intelligence to increase high-end talent introduction efforts to the National People Plan “and” high-level innovative talents in Jilin province plans to introduce talent plan as the carrier, to strengthen the field of artificial intelligence at home and abroad leading scientists and high level technical team, especially the outstanding young and experienced R & D engineers and other talents. We should establish a flexible talent evaluation mechanism and encourage the growth of all kinds of AI talents, so that all the basic research, applied research and industrial development researchers of AI will have a smooth promotion channel for professional titles, and increase the award of AI talents.

Building a safe and convenient intelligent society:

Intelligent education speeds up the construction of intelligent campus, promotes AI’s application in teaching, management, resource construction and other processes, and promotes the reform of personnel training mode and teaching method.

To carry out the construction of the hospital intelligent medical wisdom pilot, intelligent robot, diagnosis and treatment of surgical assistant development of human-machine cooperation, research and development of flexible wearable physiological monitoring system, bio compatible, clinical diagnosis and treatment plan of intelligent human-computer collaborative research, intelligent image recognition, pathological type and intelligence of multidisciplinary consultation.

Intelligent health and pension services should enhance intelligence and intelligent products aging for older people, and develop mobile social networking and service platform for older persons and emotional escort assistants, so as to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

Promoting the intelligentization of social governance.

The smart court promotes AI’s application in evidence collection, case analysis, legal document reading and analysis, and realizes the intellectualization of the court’s trial system and capabilities.

Intelligent transportation studies the innovative applications of Beidou high-precision positioning, intelligent driving, vehicle road coordination and other technologies, and builds intelligent traffic monitoring, management and service system covering the Provincial Expressway Network.

Intelligent environmental protection is involved in the application of spatial positioning, remote sensing and communication networks in environmental monitoring and management.

Intelligent security research and development intelligent security products, support for social security, industrial safety and fire, harmful gas, earthquake, epidemic and other natural disasters, intelligent perception technology research and development and transformation of results, and promote the implementation of intelligent security solutions.

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