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How to calculate the processing price of hardware parts?

How to calculate the processing price of hardware parts?

1. First check the drawings and technical requirements;

2. The cost of materials and labor varies from place to place.
3. Generally, the cost of parts is calculated according to material cost + processing cost + profit. The processing cost depends on the process. The price of different processing equipment is different: some are calculated according to working hours (turning time, grinding time, etc.) , Some are calculated according to the process (such as how much is the folded plate for a knife, how much is the ordinary drilling, etc.

4. There is also a quantity, a large quantity is certainly cheap. If it is a single piece, it is not cost-effective, even if it is a small piece, because the material is not retailed, it is necessary to calculate the price of your entire board!
5. Factors of the processing plant. If the parts processing factory can handle it by itself, there is of course no problem. If the processing factory itself has some processes to be outsourced, the price will increase accordingly. If you are already an outsourcing partner, you have gone through two outsourcing partnerships! So when looking for a processing plant, you have to find the right one, find what they can do, and be good at it.
6. Specific calculation of
CNC Machining price:
working hours * wages per working hour + fixed costs that should be shared, such as depreciation costs.
Generally, the processing fee for CNC machine tools is 60RMB per hour. The machine tool is about 1 meter, the ordinary vertical machine tool. Where there are few machine tools, the price is slightly increased by more than 10RMB. Of course, the price will vary according to the processing capacity of the machine.

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