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Five processes of injection mold manufacturing

Injection mold manufacturing process refers to the process of processing and assembling injection molds through certain processing techniques and process management. The injection mold manufacturing process includes five steps:


1) Production technology preparation:

Production technology preparation is the basis of the entire production, which has a significant impact on the quality, cost, schedule and management of injection molds.

The preparation phase of production technology includes the design of injection mold patterns, the preparation of process technical documents, the formulation of material quotas and processing man-hour quotas, and the evaluation of injection mold costs.


2)Material preparation:

Material preparation determines the type, form, size and related technical requirements of the blanks of injection mold parts.


3)Injection mold parts and components processing:

The injection mold parts refer to the punch, the concave mold, the punch fixing plate, and the unloading plate. The punch and the die are directly working parts. The punch fixing plate is used to fix the punch as the name suggests, and the unloading plate is used to remove the workpiece and waste materials that are sleeved on the punch.


4)Assembly and debugging:

Clarify the work responsibilities of the assembly and commissioning group of the production department, and complete the assembly and commissioning of the injection mold with high quality according to the production schedule.


5)Appraisal of test mode:

Trial appraisal evaluates the rationality and correctness of the design and manufacturing quality of the injection mold, and whether the injection mold can meet the expected functional requirements.

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