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The medical device industry shows a dynamic growth trend

       The medical device industry involves many technical fields such as medicine, machinery, and electronics. Its core technology covers medical polymer materials, laboratory medicine, hematology, and life science. It is a multi-disciplinary and capital-intensive high-tech industry. It is not only the focus of competition among major enterprises in the world but also an important symbol to measure a country's comprehensive strength and scientific and technological development level. At present, 95% of the equipment in our domestic hospitals is imported from abroad, and that equipment uses the basic principles of physics, and the means of inspection also use the means of physics. We often hear of CT, ultrasonic imaging, angiography machine, magnetic resonance, and other equipment, which are monopolized by "GPS," that is, multinational companies such as GE, Philips, and Siemens. From high-end medical institutions and third-class hos pitals to county-level medical institutions, domestic brands are rarely used. Large, medium and high-end medical equipment, high-value medical materials, and high-end implant interventions are all dependent on imports. Take CT, for example. Its full name is called "computer X-ray tomography technology." It mainly uses X-rays to penetrate the sectional images generated by different density tissues of the body and then reconstructs the images by computer. Domestic medical equipment is not unusable, but its workmanship is relatively rough. In the medical industry, errors and accidents are not allowed, which is related to people's life safety. In the high-end precision manufacturing industry, medical devices are capital and technology-intensive industries, and enterprises in developed countries have always maintained a leading position in the industry.

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The application of high-precision manufacturing technology will bring new opportunities and changes to the development of the medical device industry. The processing of the medical device industry has relatively high requirements for measuring equipment and processing efficiency. From the perspective of the medical device workpiece itself, it has high requirements for implantation technology, high precision, high precision of repeated positioning, high stability, and no deviation.

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There are three differences between the medical device industry and other machining industries:

1. The requirements for machine tools are relatively high. Advanced medical device processing equipment such as Swiss automatic lathe, multi-spindle machine tool, and rotary worktable are completely different from the usual processing centers and lathes. Their size is very small, and their structure is very compact. To meet such requirements, the structure of the tool also needs a special design, the size of the tool is also required to be very small, and the rigidity of the tool should be ensured at the same time.

2. High requirements for processing efficiency. For medical devices, the most important thing is the processing efficiency, that is, the processing beat. It is required to replace the blade in the shortest time.

3. The workpiece itself is very different from other mechanical parts. Medical devices implanted into the human body first require a very good surface finish, high precision, and no deviation, which requires the cutter to meet high processing requirements from the design of blade structure to the design of blade coating. In addition, it also includes the repeated positioning accuracy of the blade, which can not ignore the requirements of high quality while ensuring the improvement of efficiency.

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The medical device industry shows a dynamic growth trend. The difficult materials, complex workpiece shapes, and frequent small batch production put forward higher requirements for the processing of medical devices. Then when processing medical device parts, the difficulty is self-evident.

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