Magnesium Alloy Machining

Advantages, disadvantages and applications of magnesium alloys

Many things in life need to use magnesium-aluminum alloys because magnesium-aluminum alloys have relatively high performance, the specific gravity is similar to the quantity, and the strength is relatively high. With the improvement of product requirements, everyone is now choosing aluminum alloys. At times, they pay more attention to appearance and beauty, so they are very cautious about the choice of materials. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of magnesium-aluminum alloys? And what are the application scopes?

Magnesium alloy parts machining 

What are the advantages of magnesium alloy machining parts?

1. Magnesium alloy has low density but high strength and good rigidity. Among the existing engineering metals, magnesium has the smallest density, which is 1/5 of steel, 1/4 of zinc, and 2/3 of aluminum. The rigidity of ordinary cast magnesium alloy and cast aluminum alloy is the same, so its specific strength is significantly higher than that of aluminum alloy.

2. Magnesium alloy has good toughness and strong shock absorption.

3. Magnesium alloys have low heat capacity, fast solidification, and good die-casting performance.

4. Magnesium alloys have excellent machinability.

 Magnesium alloy wheel machining

What are the disadvantages of magnesium alloy machining?

1. Flammability.

2. Poor plasticity at room temperature.

3. 3. Poor corrosion resistance.

 Magnesium alloy machining

What are the applications of magnesium alloy machining?

The global demand for magnesium alloys has an average annual growth rate of about 10%, and the market demand growth rate for Western magnesium alloys has reached more than 15%. In the future, the market demand for magnesium alloys will show a trend of rapid growth. Magnesium alloys are mainly used in the automotive, 3C, and aerospace fields, including the automotive industry (70%), the 3C industry (20%), and the military and aerospace (10%). If you want to know more about magnesium alloys and your needs, please come to consult Shenzhen Noble Smart Manufacturing Tech. Co., Ltd. Noble will serve you sincerely!

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