Magnesium Alloy Machining

What are the applications of magnesium alloy machining in the automotive field?

         At present, the top three materials used in cars are steel, aluminum alloy and plastic.Of these,steel and iron account for about 62%, aluminum alloys and plastics both accountfor8-10%, and magnesium only accounts for 0.3%.However, with the solutionof the corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy in recent years, the proportion of magnesium increased greatly. So what are the properties of magnesium alloy? What parts of automobiles can be machining by magnesium alloys?

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 Properties of Magnesium Alloy:

 Magnesium is less dense,about a third lighter than aluminum.The use of magnesium alloy is beneficial to automotive light weight, energy saving and emission reduction.At the same time,the specific strength of magnesium alloy is higher than that of aluminum alloy and steel, and the specific stiffness is similarto that of aluminum alloy and steel.In addition, magnesium has excellen telastic hysteresis and shock absorption performance, can absorb vibration and noise,so it is widely used in car seat system, car body structure, transmission system, chassis and other parts.

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Magnesium alloy has good cast ability and dimensional stability, and good maching ability to reduce production cost.Also, can be recycled, recycling costis low, recycling high utilization rate.

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Application of magnesium alloy machining in automobile:

Magnesium alloy can be used in more than 100 automotive parts, which can be divided into shell and bracket.

Shell: trunk back cover inner plate, lamp housing, engine housing,gearbox housing, cylinderhead and so on

Bracket:body shell frame, instrument panel frame, mirrorbracket, seat bracket, seat frame and so on

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