Magnesium Alloy Machining

Magnesium alloy machining can be applied in those fields?

Magnesium alloys are alloys composed of magnesium-based and other elements. So how much do you know about magnesium alloys? Today, Noble will explain to you the knowledge about magnesium alloys.



What are the characteristics of magnesium alloy machining

1. Lightweight;

2. High damping and shock absorption, shock absorption performance;

3. Good impact resistance and compression resistance;

4. Good casting performance;

5. Dimensional stability;

6. Good corrosion resistance.

In addition, magnesium alloy also has the characteristics of fatigue resistance, non-toxicity, non-magnetic and low crack tendency, not easy to crack, and can be applied to some specific fields.

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In which fields is magnesium alloy machining applied?

Magnesium-based materials are known as the "green materials" with the most development and application potential in the century and are widely used in aerospace, military, transportation, and 3C products. Lightweight vehicles have become the current development trend, and magnesium alloys are the lightest metal structural materials in practical applications. It is very suitable for the field of transportation and is the best material for the production of new generation vehicles with lightweight, low fuel consumption, and environmental protection.

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What are the types of magnesium alloys

Generally speaking, there are three classifications of magnesium alloys: alloy chemical composition, forming process, and whether to form or not. Ferroalloys can be divided into cast iron alloys and wrought magnesium alloys, which are very different in composition and structure.


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