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What are the advantages of aluminum alloy CNC machining

Aluminum alloy is a very common and widely used metal material. CNC machining of aluminum alloy is also called computer gong machining or CNC machine tool machining. It is mainly processed from aluminum parts and aluminum shells. In recent years, aluminum alloy CNC machining has made a leap in process quality, realizing large-scale, high-precision aluminum alloy production. Next, Noble will introduce the advantages of aluminum alloy processing in detail for you!

aluminum alloy machining

The principle of CNC machining of aluminum alloy is to use the automatic control system to install the digital program process to control the automatic start, stop, steering and speed change of the machine tool. The CNC blade can be selected for processing, and the cutting force and walking trajectory can be changed according to the CNC blade and the CNC blade to complete various actions required in the processing.

The following are the advantages of CNC machining of aluminum alloys:

1. Aluminum alloy CNC machining can reduce the total number of tooling in large quantities, and can produce aluminum alloy parts with complex processing styles, and only need to change the processing program to complete the operation;

2. Aluminum CNC machining is stable, and there will be no artificial machining deviation;

3. Aluminum alloy CNC machining efficiency is high, which can reduce production equipment.

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