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Why choose aluminum alloy as the material for CNC machining

Nowadays, aluminum alloys are widely used in today's society, and CNC milling is also used. All kinds of products used by people are processed by CNC milling technology. In all CNC milling, aluminum alloy is the most used material. Because it has many advantages, then today, Noble will tell you why we choose aluminum profiles to make CNC milling parts.

aluminum alloy CNC machining

Why do we choose aluminum profiles? What was the reason for choosing it?

First of all, aluminum itself is a lightweight, non-magnetic silver metal that can be formed into metal parts of almost any shape. Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth's crust, after oxygen and silicon, and it is a relatively new industrial metal. That's why we choose it.

aluminum parts machining

What are the advantages of using aluminum for CNC milling parts?

1. Non-toxic, requires less heat than stainless steel or cast iron and heats up quickly and evenly.

2. Aluminium contributes to the construction of buildings that are corrosion resistant and low maintenance, and aluminum products are used for new construction and renovation.

3. The combination of light weight, strength, and ductility make aluminum CNC milled parts an ideal material for transportation applications.

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