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Making nursing beds warmer and warmer for the elderly

With the changes in the concept of elderly care and the progress of science and technology, technology to help the elderly, and intelligent care is gradually entering the life of the elderly. In elderly care work, intelligent and humanized equipment and facilities can help caregivers to take care of the elderly more efficiently so that the elderly can get better care services and have safer elderly life. The emergence of intelligent care products has brought great changes to traditional elderly care work.

Nursing beds for the elderly

Many aging-friendly products have been developed from scratch, relying on the power of technology to break through innovation. Today, Nopal introduces an intelligent nursing bed that can be bathed in bed. Its innovative function, convenient operation, and high comfort are fully in line with the idea of "safety, health, convenience and comfort" of aging-friendly products, without flashy gimmicks, showing the practicality of nursing beds.

This intelligent nursing bed has two functions: bed bath and breathable turn. Let people feel the full humanization. Compared with other nursing beds, this one has perfect functions and also takes care of the deep-seated needs of the elderly, who want a warm and comfortable living environment, not a cold ward facility.

Aged care parts processing

Aging is a mandatory course to actively respond to aging, all aging products must learn to sink and think about what they really need, we have to use technology to innovate products, and give products humanistic care, so that technology has a temperature, but also products have a temperature.

Aged care parts machining factory

Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise focusing on the design and development, manufacturing, and domestic and international sales of intelligent care product terminals and equipment software and hardware. The company team was established in 2004 and has long been focusing on rapid prototyping and small and medium-sized production manufacturing of innovative product hardware. At the beginning of 2012, the company began to gradually transform into the design and development of intelligent terminals and equipment hardware and software and has formed its own unique advantages in the field of intelligent care products research and development.

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