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Smart wheelchairs - peace of mind and convenience for those who need it

With the growth of population and the advancement of medical technology, the aging of society has become one of the important issues that many countries have to take seriously.


Smart wheelchairs can help the elderly and disabled people to live independently, save the cost of home care and strengthen the burden on society, many countries have invested more money to research smart wheelchairs, and many achievements have emerged. Today, Nopal is going to explain an electric wheelchair that can climb stairs.

The wheelchair is equipped with sturdy rubber tracks to provide safety for going up and down stairs, and the user can easily control the wheelchair when using self-balancing technology to travel like an electric wheelchair. It also offers three different driving modes depending on the terrain: safety mode, when the wheelchair remains stationary, mainly to facilitate the user to go up and down; body track mode, which can increase friction and drive safely on smooth surfaces, and can be used in snow, slopes and other scenarios; height mode, when the smaller wheels will straighten up, allowing the user to hold a level view with other standing companions, or to reach for objects from high places The second secret weapon is the two tanks.


Secondly, its secret weapon is two tank tracks made of rubber, with good anti-slip performance, snow, rain, and smooth roads can be used. The design of this wheelchair is very humane!

Elderly care parts machining

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