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Influence of Temperature on CNC Machining Technology in Precision Parts Machining

For our precision machinery parts machining factory, enough accurate precision is often the most intuitive reflection of its factory processing capabilities, we Noble intelligent manufacturing precision parts, and our precision can reach ± 0.01mm. know the industry knows that the temperature is a major factor affecting the accuracy of CNC machining, today by Shenzhen Noble introduces you to the precision parts processing temperature on the process of what are.


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A temperature of precision mechanical parts CNC machining accuracy.

In the precision mechanical parts processing, we CNC machining precision and accuracy of the workpiece stability put forward very high requirements. According to the relevant statistics in precision machining as long as the CNC processing errors caused by thermal deformation accounted for 40%-70% of the total processing errors. Therefore, in the high-precision precision parts processing process, to avoid the workpiece because of temperature changes and thus produce expansion and contraction, the general strict provisions of the environment under the reference temperature, and the development of temperature change deviation range, 20 ℃ ± 0.1 and 20 ± 0.01 of constant temperature CNC processing has appeared.

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Second, the working environment affects the precision of precision parts  machining

The working environment is important because it can play a big role. In the actual machining production process of various heat sources (friction heat, cutting heat, ambient temperature, thermal radiation, etc.) under the action of machine tools, tools and CNC machining of the workpiece and other temperature changes will produce thermal deformation, which will affect the relative displacement between the workpiece and the tool and cause processing errors, which in turn affect the precision of precision parts machining.


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Third, constant temperature and humidity laboratory to ensure precision parts machining accuracy

But in general, for precision parts machining with constant temperature and humidity laboratory, to avoid the CNC processing workpiece in the processing and measurement of temperature changes due to the rise and shrinkage, generally strict provisions of the benchmark indoor temperature, and the development of temperature changes in the range of deviation, and the requirements for the relative humidity of the air is not as strict as the textile testing requirements.

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