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What are the steps of the injection molding process?

Today, NOBLE brings you to understand the knowledge of the ingredients. The injection molding process of plastic parts mainly includes four stages of filling-pressure-cooling-cooling-desalination. These four stages directly determine the quality of the product, and these four stages are a complete continuous process. Next, I will carefully explain the detailed process of these four steps.



Firstly. Injection molding filling stage:

Filling is the first step in the entire injection cycle. The time starts from the mold closing, and the mold cavity is filled to about 95%. Theoretically, the shorter the filling time, the higher the efficiency of injection molding, but in reality, the injection molding time or injection molding speed must be restricted by many conditions.

Generally speaking, the melting marks of fusion in the high temperature area are better, because under high temperature, the high molecular chain is better activated and can penetrate each other. In addition The thermal properties are almost the same, increasing the intensity of the fused area; otherwise, in low temperature areas, the melting strength is poor.



Second, injection molding stress stage:

During the preservation stage of injection molding, due to the high pressure, the plastic presentation can be partially compressed. In high -pressure areas, plastic is dense and density; in low pressure areas, plastic is relatively loose and low density, so the density distribution changes with position and time. The plastic flow velocity during injection molding is extremely low, and the flow is no longer in the leading role; the pressure is the main factor affecting the pressure preservation process. The plastic is already full of mold cavity during injection molding. At this time, the fuse that is gradually solidified as a medium that transmits pressure. The pressure in the mold cavity is transmitted to the surface of the mold wall with the help of plastic to open the mold, so the appropriate mold locking force is needed to lock the mold. Under normal circumstances, the molding power will slightly open the mold, which will help the exhaust of the mold; however, if the molding power is too large, it is easy to cause the hair edges, overflow, and even the mold. Therefore, when choosing an injection molding machine, you should choose a injection molding machine with sufficient lock -up module to prevent the phenomenon of the increased mold and be effective.


Third, injection molding cooling stage:

In the injection molding mold, the design of the cooling system is very important. This is because injection molding plastic products can only avoid deformation due to cooling and curing to a certain rigidity, and can avoid plastic products due to external forces. Because the cooling time accounts for about 70%to 80%of the entire molding cycle, a good cooling system can greatly shorten the molding time, increase injection molding productivity, and reduce costs. Improper design of the cooling system will extend the molding time and increase costs; uneven cooling will further cause warpage and deformation of plastic products.


Fourth, injection molding departure stage:

Injecting molding is the last link in a injection molding cycle. Although the product has been cooled and solidified, the injection molding molding has a very important impact on the quality of the product. Improper release methods may cause the product to be unevenly stamped when the mold is released, and the product deformation is caused when the top is out. There are two main methods for injection molding and molding. When designing the mold, choose the appropriate release method according to the characteristics of the product to ensure the quality of the product.

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